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The Texarkana Regional Airport (“TXK”) is served by American Airlines with non-stop service to Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport (“DFW”), which serves as a major connecting hub in the American Airlines network. With a simple flight connection and plane change at DFW, you can continue your flight with American Airlines to almost any destination in the United States and world. Unless your final destination is Dallas, DFW only serves as a connecting point for American Airlines passengers to/from Texarkana.

HOW TO BOOK: By clicking the below button links, it will automatically populate TXK as your origin or destination. Include your final location city (i.e., Chicago, Seattle, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Louisville etc.) in the other space, and your entire trip, including your connection at DFW will be booked with American Airlines. You do not have to book separate flights for TXK – DFW and DFW – final location city (and vice versa). During your trip, you will de-board your first flight at DFW and simply walk to another gate within DFW and board the next flight to your final location city.

NOTE: It is recommended that passengers arrive a minimum of one (1) hour before their scheduled departure time to get through security screening and to the boarding area on time. Check-in closes 45 minutes prior to a scheduled departure time. Late arrivals will be denied check-in/boarding!