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Parking Lot Kiosk 2

Questions about parking at TXK or need help?

Call the Administration Office during normal business hours at 870-774-2171 for parking questions/help, or a complimentary jump start or tire inflation. Please use the call box at the exit booth for questions/help at all times other than normal business hours or on holidays.


If you are interested in a stress-free and reasonably priced parking experience compared to other nearby airports, park in the Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) parking lot and have a very brief walk to the passenger terminal.

TXK has one main parking lot located directly across from the terminal building, on the other side of the rental car return lot. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no reservations are required. Parking at the airport includes free vehicle services as well, including jump starts, help locating your vehicle, tire inflations, etc. We want to make sure you are taken care of and can get on your way promptly! And, with around 150 parking spaces, TXK has plenty of parking to offer you the convenience you need.

For those that wish to park and come into the terminal to meet friends or family when they arrive or make sure they get where they need to be when they are leaving or coming to Texarkana, TXK offers free parking for the first hour.

Free Veterans Parking

TXK offers disabled veterans free parking immediately outside of the passenger terminal. Individuals who utilize this free parking must display their disabled veteran status either on their license plate or on the dash where it can be visibly recognized by airport police.
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Parking Rates & Fees

First Hour


Price Per Hour


Price Per Day


Passengers can access the parking lot by veering to the right as they approach the terminal and obtaining an entry ticket at the parking lot entry kiosk.

Passengers will be provided a ticket to keep with them for the duration of their trip or to leave in their vehicle (NOTE: Passengers should not leave ticket directly exposed to sunlight, as it is susceptible to sun rays and can cause the ticket to be unreadable). It is important that passengers DO NOT LOSE their ticket.

HOW TO PAY: Passengers will scan the bar code on their ticket when exiting the parking lot at the parking lot exit kiosk and pay the amount owed. Only CREDIT CARDS are accepted as a form of payment at the kiosk (not cash OR debit cards).